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A Simple Email-Only System, Or A Complex Marketing Automation System: Must You Choose?

If you’ve been relying solely on email marketing, you probably know by now that a marketing automation system can make a big difference for you in terms of making those email campaigns much more targeted and efficient. But investing in a heavy, full-blown, complex marketing automation system that requires dedicated staff to implement and manage is probably out of the question.

Sure, the worst of the Great Recession seems to be behind us, and budgets are slowly relaxing – even growing – but purchasing an expensive marketing automation system, especially if it means you’ll need a dedicated person to operate it, is still a stretch for most small and medium sized businesses and units.

But must you choose? We believe you don’t. There IS a middle option between the two extremes – an easy, affordable marketing automation tool that is so easy to implement and operate, even a VP marketing can do it. 😉

We’ve developed DemandCenter – Marketing Automation for the rest of us, because for a long time now we’ve been getting feedback from “the rest of us” – companies and units within larger companies who desperately want to enjoy the many benefits of marketing automation tools, but do not feel ready to shell out the amounts needed to implement and support one of the complex marketing automation systems out there.

“If you can’t hire a dedicated marketing automation team, just forget about it and keep sending email blasts” was not an acceptable answer to this dilemma. We wanted to develop a product that would enable ANY company, regardless of its budget, to enjoy the benefits of marketing automation.

The idea is to deliver effective demand generation marketing campaigns, using your existing resources. Achieve a high, measurable marketing ROI and a very real revenue impact with a highly intuitive, user-friendly dashboard, and with absolutely no hidden costs.

Have we succeeded? According to David Raab, we have. “eTrigue’s new product is aimed at small-to-mid size businesses who want an easier alternative to leading marketing automation systems. With mature features and a $1,000 per month starting price, the system is worth a look.”

Intrigued? More details here:
Marketing Automation for the Rest of Us

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