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Companies not Leveraging Marketing Automation

I wasn’t exactly shocked to read that most companies are not fully leveraging their marketing automation systems.

With less than half of the respondents saying they are using lead nurturing effectively, and 55% saying they “somewhat” use nurturing, it seems like such a waste – investing is a complex, expensive, full-fledged marketing automation system, only to find out that deployment means hiring dedicated technical staff. Oops! Back to square one – using just the most basic features of the system, even though you paid for the whole thing.

“The report showed a skills and experience gap in utilizing more advanced functionalities like lead nurturing and lead scoring” – and this is exactly why we developed eTrigue DemandCenter – Affordable Marketing Automation for the Rest of Us. The idea is to allows marketing organizations of all sizes and expertise levels to quickly develop and execute demand generation programs.

eTrigue DemandCenter was created with the goal of simplifying marketing automation. In fact, we wanted to make it so simple that anyone could fully deploy it – no special training or technical skills required. We knew that companies are still very careful with their budgets these days and are not in a position to hire more staff or pay for special training.

So we developed a user-friendly interface that allows anyone to run successful marketing campaigns in less time with limited training. This includes creating and executing lead nurturing programs, lead scoring and real-time alerts, email marketing and visitor tracking. Unlike the more elaborate marketing automation systems, eTrigue DemandCenter enables full use of every single one of its features, right from the start, with no extra investment in training or hiring dedicated staff.

I’m very glad that marketing automation has become mainstream. I think it’s great that more and more companies are realizing that marketing automation is a necessity rather than a luxury. But I also think companies need to do more research before picking a specific marketing automation system. Some marketing automation vendors could probably be a little more transparent about what it really takes to make full use of their systems.

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