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Seven Tips for Making The Most Of Your Marketing Automation System

Invested in a marketing automation system? Awesome! You just took your first step towards greatly improving your marketing results. Here are seven more steps you can should take to maximize your success using it.

1. Keep it simple. Pick a simple marketing automation system, one that you would actually end up using. Bells and whistles are awesome indeed, but if you end up not using a too-complex system, then that was a poor investment.

2. Start using it right away. If you followed the previous tip, this should be easy to do. A minimal amount of staff training will always be necessary, but with the right system, training will truly be minimal, and enable you to setup quickly and start using the system almost immediately.

3. Set realistic goals.This could include increasing revenue, generating better leads, generating more leads, improving marketing measurements and improving marketing-sales alignment. Remember that even if you implement marketing automation right away and have the content to feed it, it will be some time before you see actual results.

4. Measure your progress towards those goals. No doubt one of the reasons you’ve invested in marketing automation in the first place was better measurements – and indeed, this is an area where it can greatly improve how you measure and report marketing activities. A good system will enable you to launch and automatically measure individual message and cross-campaign effectiveness, take immediate action to adjust your marketing efforts, and drill down to individual tactics to quickly generate comprehensive reporting.

5. Design marketing programs that take advantage of the system’s capabilities. For example, now you can finally build complex, multi-step campaigns that are designed to nurture prospects – the type of campaign that’s impossible to manage and monitor without automation.

6. Create effective marketing content. A marketing automation system can do lots of things for you, but it won’t create content. So repurpose existing content, or outsource content creation if you need to – but make sure you have high quality content to feed into your marketing automation system.

7. Coordinate with the sales department to ensure your marketing programs are generating high-quality leads and that sales are effectively communicating with those leads once handed over to them. While marketing-sales alignment has always been and continues to be an issue for most companies, your marketing automation system can greatly help to bridge the gap by facilitating clearer, better communication between marketing and sales and encouraging both departments to finally agree on the definition of a “sales-ready lead.”

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