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Who Are The Mystery Visitors To My Website?

anonymous visitorMarketing automation systems track the visits and activities of both “known” visitors as well as the visits of “unknown” visitors on your site.

Tracking known visitors is important, but why track unknown visitors?

We refer to unknown visitors as “anonymous” visitors. Why would you want to track anonymous visitors? There are several important ways that shrewd sales and marketing folks use this information to gain a competitive edge. Knowing which companies are surfing your site can be key to early stage prospecting – you can work to find out who they are, and then convert them into known prospects. And then you’ll also get a full historical picture of what they’ve done once you do identify them. Continue reading

Marketing Effectively with Less Information

anonymousB2B buyers are doing most of their research online, anonymously. They research your website, they research your competitors’ websites, and so it’s very important that when they do engage with you, you make a great first impression.

But how much information do you need to market effectively, and how much time do you have to gather that information?

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Marketing Automation: One Size Does Not Fit All

One size marketing automation does not fit allHow true! I thought when I read the following sentence in a recent article by Heinz Marketing: “One size does not fit every organization looking for a marketing automation solution.” It’s important to realize, that while the very decision to purchase a marketing automation system is a very smart decision indeed, that’s not where it ends. You will still need to determine which system is the best for you, and since different marketing automation systems are very different in terms of what they offer and how they are priced, what might suit one organization may not work for another.

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Companies not Leveraging Marketing Automation

I wasn’t exactly shocked to read that most companies are not fully leveraging their marketing automation systems.

With less than half of the respondents saying they are using lead nurturing effectively, and 55% saying they “somewhat” use nurturing, it seems like such a waste – investing is a complex, expensive, full-fledged marketing automation system, only to find out that deployment means hiring dedicated technical staff. Oops! Back to square one – using just the most basic features of the system, even though you paid for the whole thing.

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