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Can You “Sell” Marketing Automation to Your Boss?

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

“OK, I know how important marketing automation is. I know it will greatly improve not just marketing performance, but the company’s bottom line. But how do I convince my boss?”

I get asked this question a lot by marketers who want to implement marketing automation but face resistance from their boss. Which is why I was really glad to come across the MASG site and find this excellent blog post by Kim Roman, that answers exactly this question and provides useful tips for convincing your boss to invest in marketing automation.

I especially agree that when having this conversation with your boss, and ultimately with the CMO or the CEO, you want to talk business, not marketing. Marketing goals are very important to you, of course, but if you want the budget for a new marketing tool, you need to show that it’s going to promote business goals.

Even if you come prepared with a detailed ROI analysis – and you should – do expect skepticism. Your boss has probably been burnt before by a major IT purchase that went very wrong, so she is going to ask difficult questions, and you should be ready to answer them with detailed information that shows your plan is based on facts and informed analysis.

Do provide your boss with detail. If you can’t produce detail, don’t expect to have your project approved. Show the boss that you know your stuff and that you have accounted for all the costs involved. Having the information will give your boss the confidence she needs when she approaches the CMO or the CEO, and it will also show her that you have done your homework.

While you should drill down into detail, remember that details should be business details, as in an ROI analysis of the investment, and not marketing details. You should definitely avoid marketing jargon, or going into every feature and function of the product, especially if you present directly to the CMO or CEO.

By making a few simple changes to your pitch, and highlighting the business value that a marketing automation system creates, you can get the boss’ approval for this important investment.