Marketing Automation Features

eTrigue’s real-time Sales Acceleration and Marketing Automation solutions empower sales and marketing teams to generate qualified leads and close sales faster.

DemandCenter – Marketing Automation for the Rest of Us®

DemandCenter helps you ramp up demand generation, improve effectiveness and deliver more marketing campaigns with your existing resources. Launch and automatically measure individual messages and cross-campaign effectiveness. Quickly react to take immediate action and confidently adjust your marketing efforts to improve results. DemandCenter gives you the power to analyze and quantify your marketing automation programs, drill down to individual tactics, and quickly generate comprehensive reporting. Pre-configured and customizable dashboards show which lead sources, companies, campaigns, messages, and geo’s are generating the most interest. User-friendly data and dynamic charts help you demonstrate your demand generation success.

  • Launch more marketing automation campaigns with existing resources
  • Build personalized 1:1 email and nurturing programs
  • Instantly measure and report effectiveness of campaigns and messages
  • Track prospect behavior on web visits, email campaigns, and ongoing activities
  • Score prospects based on who, what and when they interact

eTrigue DemandCenter Marketing Automation products page

Download the DemandCenter Product Brochure (193 KB)

eTrigue – Sales Acceleration to close more deals

eTrigue features are available to eTrigue users that are connected to Salesforce CRM.

Prospects have more information at their disposal than ever before and have the luxury to set the pace of their buying process.

eTrigue marketing automation features give reps the real-time sales intelligence they need to sell more effectively – the ability to send unlimited trackable email, to track prospect web activity, with real-time email alerts all from within Salesforce CRM to give sales the information they need to focus on who’s active, real, and ready to buy.

  • “Live” email and web tracking – know who, what and when prospects visit your site
  • Get real-time lead alerts in email and see “Live” web visitors directly in Salesforce CRM
  • Pre-configured Salesforce CRM dashboards help you quickly analyze “Active Prospects” and focus on the hottest leads

eTrigue helps sales identify prospects, prioritize prospects and close more deals.