3-D Lead Scoring

Score and evaluate prospects based on who, what and when

The flow of prospects from Internet-enabled marketing has dramatically increased from a growing number of online sources: email campaigns, your company’s web site, blogs, webinars, Google AdWords or other search advertising programs. Determining who is real and where they are in the buying process is essential in determining whether or not a prospect is ready for interaction from your sales team.

eTrigue 3-D lead scoring helps you automatically qualify potential leads by scoring each individual prospect based on their engagement with your company, demographic profile, and timing. With multiple scoring techniques to choose from, eTrigue DemandCenter 3-D lead scoring allows you to fully understand how each prospect moved to the front of the line. You can also create custom scores based on virtually any single or compound criteria you can search on.

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Demographic Scoring

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marketing automation relationship scoring

marketing automation buy time scoring
Buy Time

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marketing automation custom lead scoring


Adaptable 3-D Lead Scoring adds “Buy Time”

eTrigue’s unique 3-D lead scoring capability lets you qualify prospects based on who, what, and when. Each of these three dimensions can be tailored to fit the buying behavior of your specific customers or industry. Within a few hours, you will have the ability to independently score each dimension to provide a clearer picture of how a prospect fits your profile of a sales-ready lead. You can even define your own Buy Time to determine interest levels over time, and within your optimum buying cycle. And when you adjust a score, your eTrigue system automatically appends all of your prospects.

Identify unique behavior by using “Custom Scoring” criteria

Custom scores provide added flexibility to rate prospects based on any combination of demographic, activity, or timing information to highlight specific behavior. Geographic, industry, and vertical market trends often provide opportunities that exist outside of your normal sales profile. Custom scores can be added or updated in minutes to help capitalize on situations that lead to unique buying behavior.

  • Evaluate prospects by the who, what, and when of your digital relationship
  • Understand how prospects fit your profile of an ideal customer
  • Capitalize on unique buying situations with user-defined custom scores
  • View scores and activity history instantly in real-time Lead Alerts, directly in eTrigue, or integrated in leading CRM solutions

eTrigue also provides additional scores on Lead Alerts and in prospect profiles that allow the sales team to quickly understand the lifetime relationship, the importance of the latest campaign, and a prospect’s origination source.