Lead Nurturing & Automated Marketing

Create ongoing campaigns to warm prospects into viable, sales-ready leads

Generating sales-ready leads in a complex sale takes patience, persistence and precision. The development of a prospect from initial engagement to a decision may vary greatly depending on the length and maturity of the sales cycle. Lead nurturing is an effective strategy to maintain momentum in the sales process. eTrigue makes it easy to grow your relationship with potential customers by automating the nurturing process to assure you maintain effective and timely contact with them based on who they are and their activity.

  • Align marketing campaigns with prospect need and readiness
  • Assure timely interaction with automated campaigns
  • Run several vertical programs or build detailed multi-step campaigns
  • Trigger delivery of targeted information based on prospect behaviors

Build interest over time

While the vast majority of new prospects who engage with your organization through your web site aren’t likely ready to talk with your sales team, well-timed and targeted communication is critical. From initial awareness through the due diligence process, the metered delivery of educational material through lead nurturing helps your organization build a relationship and become part of each customer’s decision-making process. With eTrigue you can easily build campaigns that automatically nurture your prospects so you can take every opportunity to positively impact their decision-making process.

Customer retention and brand loyalty

In today’s highly competitive environments, maintaining strong customer relationships is more important than ever. Regular communication after the sale keeps your company top of mind and provides the opportunity to continually reinforce your company’s value. eTrigue’s prospect nurturing capabilities allow you to structure campaigns tailored to each stage of your relationship to influence future decisions and build a long-term partnership.