A B Testing

A | B Email Testing

Getting a real sense of what works for your emails is easy with A B testing. eTrigue DemandCenter’s AB email split testing is built right in, and simple to use. Test your emails, automatically choose the winner and make sure your campaign emails are on-message and bring the best results.

Unprecedented Choice of Winning Conditions

DemandCenter does far more than just test for “opens” or “clicks” like most of the other folks. You get to determine the winner by a range of real-world conditions such as:

  • Visits and Activities
  • Visits to a web page
  • Asset downloads
  • Event registration or participation
  • Form activity / fill
  • And the complete range of email responses

Easy A|B email split testing in DemandCenter Campaigns

Wondering which email subject line or email treatment gets you the best response in your campaigns?

Which subject line gets the most opens?

Which email gets the highest visit rate, or drives the most visits to particular web pages?

DemandCenter A|B Email Test automatically finds your best performing email and then makes sure that the best email goes out for the rest of the campaign.

The A|B Email Test can be used in campaigns that you run on a fixed timeline – or it can also be used in drip and nurture campaigns where prospects are automatically added in as a result of prospect actions.

AB Email Test, like all of DemandCenter, is simple to use.

Setting up an AB Email test is just as easy as setting up an email action within a campaign.

Instead of using the “Email” Action to send an email – Use the A|B Email Test Action to send and test your email.

With A|B email testing you’ll be able to automatically:

  • Send and test two email treatments
  • Choose your Sample audience of up to 5,000 prospects
  • Set how many (by percentage) of the Sample audience is sent the emails
  • Set which condition will be used to determine the “Winner”
  • Set how long to wait (duration or a fixed date and time) before choosing the winner
  • Choose which email templates are used in the test
  • You are also able to set the “Default” behavior, just in case you don’t get a clear winner (or if the sample audience size is not reached)
You can also A|B test for which landing pages draw the best results

Just send identical emails – but have the two emails point to different landing pages. Because eTrigue DemandCenter let’s you monitor downstream activities – such as form conversions, or registrations – you can determine your A|B winner by which email drives the most form fills, or is responsible for the most registrations or the most visits to a target page.