Anonymous Visitor Tracking

Identify and monitor your web site visitors before and after they register

A large amount of your website traffic comes before a visitor actually registers for content or contact, so why miss out on that valuable visit data before they’re “converted”? Anonymous Visitor Tracking can help.

With eTrigue Anonymous Visitor Tracking, your organization can identify companies and record each individual visitor’s web activity starting with their very first visit to your web site. Once a visitor decides to register for premium content or clicks on an eTrigue email, their anonymous visit history is automatically appended to their personal contact information, giving you a complete picture of each prospect’s interaction with your organization from the moment they visited your site—not since they registered. This pre-registration history is invaluable to understanding a prospect’s interests sooner—and provides a real leg-up for your sales team.

  • Track all anonymous visitors to your website and their interests
  • Identify anonymous visitors’ companies based on their Internet connection
  • Identify which web search terms are bringing anonymous visitors to your site
  • Build a valuable web visit history before a prospect registers and append it to their profile when they become known
  • Receive automated anonymous visitor reports via email


Unlimited tracking

Given lengthening sales cycles and your investment in your inbound marketing and social media efforts, tracking website visits and interaction over a longer period of time is critical. eTrigue Anonymous Visitor Tracking gathers and maintains anonymous information for an unlimited number of visitors starting with their first visit, to their first “hand-raiser” action on your website, such as registering for premium content via a form or clicking on a link in an eTrigue e-mail. This enables sales to nurture new relationships more effectively by having greater insight into the individual’s level of interest before making contact.

Anonymous Visitor Reports

Anonymous visitor reports

Anonymous visitor tracking reports provide detailed visit information to help sales and marketing better target the “anonymous masses” visiting your website. Knowing which companies visit can be key to closing a sale or may highlight effective inbound marketing programs.

Delivered daily or weekly, eTrigue’s Anonymous Visitor reports show:

  • Companies who visited your website, including
    • Number of pages viewed
    • Graphs highlighting the most active companies by visitors
  • Graphs showing the most active countries and states by the number of visitors and page views
  • Most popular search terms used to find your website
  • Most viewed pages to give you real insight into visitor interest
  • Summary reports with high-level statistics
  • Detailed reports of individual visitors with links to their visit detail, including pages viewed and the amount of time spent
Anonymous visitors from Social Media

Custom dashboards

eTrigue configurable dashboards give the option to easily add visibility to the most active anonymous visitors on your website. Time periods can be set to your preferences ranging from visitors in the last 24 hours up to a full quarter. Views can also be tailored to include only companies or include both companies and ISPs, depending on your business needs. (Depending on their Internet connection, anonymous visitors are associated with either their company or their ISP.)

How it works

eTrigue Anonymous Tracking records every move every “prospect” makes on your website by placing an anonymous cookie on each visitor’s PC. Every time the visitor returns, additional activity is added to their record–every page visited with the amount of time spent along with downloads and other insights into their individual interests. By identifying each visitor’s Internet connection, their company and location is provided along with the search terms most recently used to find your website. Now you can capitalize on your investments in advertising, search marketing, SEO, social networks and press releases designed to drive traffic to your web site.