Conversion Reports

Conversion reports show how prospects are converting on your site

One important task for a modern marketer is tracking conversions. Where are prospects first identifying themselves? When are prospects first visiting your site? Are they clicking on one of your emails? Are they filling out forms on your site?

eTrigue DemandCenter makes it easy to see who is converting — and why.

Filling out a form on your site is a very different action from clicking on a link in an email and visiting your page. Yet the result for the marketer is the same. You have a prospect who is converted to a known-visitor; either a newly identified prospect, or one who has a rich history of anonymous visits that you’ve now identified.

Conversion reports in eTrigue DemandCenter shows you why — and where — prospects are converting.


Flexible Search-Based Segmentation

Filter Conversion data to get the report you need

DemandCenter lets you quickly see what makes you successful. A wide range of reporting criteria may be easily selected to go from a big-picture view of conversion, all the way down to viewing just a specific element that caused conversions.

You may easily sort, profile and segment your conversions with advanced search features:

  • Conversion Type
  • Date Range
  • Email Template
  • Subject Line
  • Original Referring URL
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Type

In addition, you may view reports as bar charts or pie charts. You can show a lot – or a little bit of data.

Once you’ve got the data you need, you can drill-down directly into the report to see detail on all of the individual prospects that are in that report. From there you’re free to use the data to launch more successful campaigns, generate better results and demonstrate a much higher marketing ROI..