Marketing Automation Derived Data

Searchable derived data inferred from every web visit

eTrigue DemandCenter records and retains data for each and every visit by a prospect, rather than just the first and last visits, providing a much more complete, and useful record of every individual prospect’s history.

Derived prospect visit data includes referring URL, search terms, and the company name, city, state, postal code and area code associated with the location of a prospect when they visit a website.

When prospects visit your website, the referring URL, search terms, and domain that they are coming from are recorded and reverse DNS lookup “Derives” Company Name, City, State, Zip Code and Area Code, and are recorded as well.

Derived data searches

You can easily build target audiences by creating lists using any of the derived data.  You can drill-down to find visitors from a derived location or company and you can specify that they occur during a specific time frame. 

It’s a great tool to help you minimize forms on your website or to identify potential competitors visiting your website under an assumed identity.

To help your team realize the full power of the Reverse DNS and referring URL/search terms (i.e. Derived Data), we have added it to the List Builder.  You’ll find available searches for all of your favorite Derived Data. These new searches will enable you to search across a Prospect’s entire history of Derived information.  Be sure to use them in your Campaigns and Real-Time Lead Alert Rules to provide highly targeted messaging to your database, more accurate territory alerts to your DemandCenter Users, or even more refined handling of competitors that might be trying to “fly under the radar.”

Derived data fields

Derived Data is more accessible in eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation. Derived Data fields are clearly displayed in the Prospect Activity history detail tab of every Prospect in DemandCenter. 

In addition to the Derived Data that is available to you in the Prospect Activity history for each and every visit, the Prospect Detail will display Derived Data from the Prospect’s first and last visit sessions, giving you clearer insight into their original and most recent interaction with your website.

The visit data shown includes the following:

  • First Visit Derived Area Code
  • First Visit Derived City
  • First Visit Derived Company
  • First Visit Derived Country
  • First Visit Derived Referrer
  • First Visit Derived Search Term
  • First Visit Derived State
  • First Visit Derived Postal Code
  • Last Visit Derived Area Code
  • Last Visit Derived City
  • Last Visit Derived Company
  • Last Visit Derived Country
  • Last Visit Derived Referrer
  • Last Visit Derived Search Term
  • Last Visit Derived State
  • Last Visit Derived Postal Code