Drag-and-Drop Campaign Builder

Launch multi-step campaigns or ad-hoc email programs in minutes

Powerful marketing automation email campaigns are one of the most cost effective ways to engage prospects. And they are easy to build and manage with the intuitive drag-and-drop campaign manager. eTrigue’s integrated email engine gives you the power to easily target and reach audiences large or small with tailored campaigns designed to generate attention, create more leads and close more sales.

Whether you’re sending a quick message to existing customers on-the-fly or building multi-step campaigns designed to nurture prospects, eTrigue makes the development, proofing, and scheduling process convenient and trouble free. Utilizing proprietary deliverability technologies we maximize email delivery and let you know when it’s been opened.

  • Build text or HTML emails for delivery on-the-fly or pre-schedule for future delivery
  • Define multi-step email campaigns with the drag-and-drop campaign builder, based on prospect activity or information requests or changes in relationship status
  • Track individual page visits by prospects to content and email opens so you’ll know which offers and messages are getting prospect attention
  • Automated CAN-SPAM inspection and opt-out quarantine assures compliance, even when new contacts are added to your database
Message Effectiveness Reporting

Real-time reporting on individual message effectiveness

eTrigue enables you to view real-time message effectiveness reports as your programs are being deployed. You will be able to quickly see opens, unique visits, total visits, average views, opt-out’s, as well as the number of newly tracked prospects vs. previous visitors. Each category of responsiveness also provides a link to review the group of prospects that meet that criteria – saving you time when scheduling follow-on programs or exporting data.

eTrigue is all inclusive – No surprises, add-ons, or upcharges

eTrigue allows you to run Intelligent Demand Generation programs effectively without worrying about unexpected overages or surcharges. eTrigue flat-rate pricing doesn’t limit how many emails you send, web visits or landing page views, or the number of company sales or marketing user accounts you need – No surprises!