Google AdWords Visibility

See your entire AdWords results at a glance

eTrigue DemandCenter makes it easy to see the effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaigns. You can now go beyond the simple cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion reporting available in Google AdWords. eTrigue DemandCenter AdWords tracking significantly improves marketers’ ability to leverage known-visitor data and anonymous-visitor data captured during every AdWords generated website visit.

DemandCenter’s Google AdWords connector lets marketers look deeper into the success of paid search campaigns by providing a complete view of the actions of individual visitors. AdWords activity data is captured for all prospects who visit the site through AdWords paid search, even when the visitor does not complete a traditional conversion action.

See the detail behind Google AdWords activity

If you’ve previously identified a prospect and they click on an AdWords ad, you’ll see their AdWords actions tied into their activity record.

If a prospect is anonymous and clicks through an AdWords ad you’ll see their activity as an anonymous record. If that anonymous visitor subsequently becomes known to you, because you converted them via a form on your site, or they clicked on a link in an email you sent them, you’ll see that AdWords activity as part of their record.

 Each individual prospect action is recorded and can be displayed.

Capture and view anonymous detail

When a known visitor arrives at your site from a Google AdWords paid search ad the actions of that known prospect are captured and logged along with the search information, even if the visitor does not complete a conversion event. A complete chronicle of an individual prospect’s history when visiting from a paid search ad is collected and stored, as well as a record of all visits that occurred from actions outside of AdWords. That information is readily available for inclusion in lead alerts and for reporting as a source.

You’ll see every click by anonymous and known visitors from Google AdWords – even if they don’t fill out your offer form

Full visit data is also kept for anonymous visitors. The full historical data is retained for future ROI attribution.

Capture detail even without an AdWords conversion

Full visit data is also kept for anonymous visitors. The full historical data is retained for future attribution so that when an anonymous visitor converts into a known visitor, a full history of visits, including those attributed to paid search, are readily available.

Derived visit data is also captured during web visits and includes referring URL, search terms used, and the company name, city, state, postal code and area code associated with the location of a prospect when they visit a website.

eTrigue DemandCenter records and retains data for all prospect visits, rather than just first one, providing a more complete chronicle of an individual prospect’s history, and full insight into those visiting from a paid search campaign.

  • The number of clicks to a campaign or individual ad
  • Known prospects
  • Anonymous prospects
  • The cost of the paid search campaign
  • The cost per click (CPC)
  • The number of unique prospects in your database who clicked on a paid search ad

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