Litmus Email Testing

Litmus Email Testing

Marketers can now more quickly and efficiently visualize how email messages will render in over 40 email clients and devices from within DemandCenter. eTrigue gives Sales the power to engage at exactly the right time with personalized emails that are on-message.

Litmus Email Testing Messages may be sent directly from eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation – where you can configure and conduct Litmus Email Testing.

Email testing is now quick and easy. This feature saves time, and helps optimize emails for all devices without disrupting a marketer’s workflow.

eTrigue customers may now preview Litmus email message test results directly within DemandCenter. Test results are available in the Litmus account as well. The integration is included for all customers of eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation.

Note: A Litmus account is required.

Email Testing

DemandCenter’s built-in integration with Litmus, makes it easy to see exactly how emails render across the range of devices and clients.

  • Test text or HTML emails
  • Save time by viewing the email renderings right in DemandCenter