Marketing Automation Database Management

Profile, segment and report with powerful search-based speed and efficiency

Managing information is vital to understanding your company’s prospects, leads and customers. eTrigue’s powerful search-based interface provides easy access to demographic and marketing activity segmented on virtually any criteria and period of time. DemandCenter’s search-based marketing automation database management architecture enables you to expand the level of relevant audience personalization, message and campaign effectiveness, and metric reporting to create most anything you can imagine.

The needs of your marketing programs will change over time. eTrigue gives you the power to create new programs without the need for additional resources, complex programming, or professional services.

DemandCenter marketing automation database management enables you to quickly define target audiences, launch campaigns, trigger real-time Lead Alerts or report on any aspect of your engagement with current and potential customers. With eTrigue, you can be sure that your CRM system is only sent leads important to you based on your criteria.

  • Improve data cleanliness with automatic de-duplication and advanced search features that help cope with imperfect data
  • Import and export easily without worrying about creating duplicate records or overwriting important contact history
  • Sort, profile and segment your marketing database with advanced search features

Unmatched marketing automation database management database speed and search

Whether you’re developing detailed customer profiles, tracking who attended a certain webinar, or launching a new email campaign, eTrigue allows you to target a large market without losing site of the details. eTrigue’s scalable architecture gives you the power to manage hundreds of thousands of prospects blazingly fast without being overwhelmed and losing site of what’s important – targeting the right prospects at the right time to maximize sales. eTrigue search is so fast, you can create a multi-level search of 300,000 records within 10 seconds vs. other solutions that take over an hour to show only 10,000. eTrigue’s speed means you can launch more campaigns, generate more results and demonstrate a much higher marketing ROI.


Data Normalization – Success in an imperfect world

Dealing with imperfect data is a fact of life. Old data, bad form-fills and inconsistent data from list sources or company departments all contribute to inconsistencies that could cause you to miss important customers or report program metrics incorrectly. DemandCenter marketing automation database management allows you to search each field in detail to make sure common problems like variations in title and abbreviations, common misspellings and missing data don’t let you miss valuable prospects or result in inaccurate reports. You can then easily choose to update all records either on-the-fly, or ongoing with the value you would like to be standard for that field – even in custom fields.

eTrigue’s search-based marketing database gives you an unparalleled view of your prospects by consolidating all customer data and interactions with your company in a single location. Develop deep prospect and customer profiles to determine common traits to ensure you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.