Real-Time Dashboard with Live Tracking

Prospect “Digital Biography” detail with Real-Time Dashboards

Real-Time Dashboards give you a view of prospect activity. Once a contact or Lead has clicked on an email, their activity or “digital biography” is recorded over the life of their relationship with your company. Individual or aggregate visitor tracking information can be used to identify buying behaviors and to optimize future offers or campaigns. As your company’s strategies evolve, any changes to a score, report or alert will always reflect the actual prospect history. This gives you the flexibility to continually hone your sales lead management programs and maximize results. Even if you did not identify a particular trait initially, eTrigue Real-Time Dashboards enable you to easily search all past activities and instantly reindex your prospect’s digital biography. And you don’t need any special programming knowledge, custom professional services, or dedicated resources to change your prospect classifications, scores, or programs.

  • Quickly see all web visits complete with easy to identify page “Nicknames”
  • Know exactly which content and pages a prospect visited, when and for how long
  • Change page “Nicknames” and instantly update lead alerts, tracking history, and reporting
  • No special programming, professional services, or dedicated resources needed