Social Networking

Sharing Assets, Creating Follows and Monitoring Results

Social media makes a great channel to drive inbound traffic. eTrigue DemandCenter makes it easy to make your campaigns social and drive additional traffic to your website. And you’ll be able to see which networks bring traffic to your site and track the actions of individuals from social media.

DemandCenter has built-in tools that make it simple to customize and add social sharing buttons to your email templates. You can also easily create landing pages that can be shared – or liked, or followed, or joined.

Social links for landing pages and email templates

Social networking links are administered centrally in DemandCenter, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. If you want to change the sharing or follow targets, that’s simple as well. Adding social follow and social sharing links to assets is easy. Emails and landing pages just need a simple click to connect your channels with the right social icons.

How to insert a LinkedIn follow or share on a landing page

Building assets

eTrigue DemandCenter’s built-in email and landing page builder has social media icons and links built right in. Email templates may have follow me links and icons added into emails. Social links are also easy to add to landing page templates as well, and may be either share links or follow-me links. For more customized or sophisticated capabilities DemandCenter’s built-in HTML editor allows any variation to be quickly put together, proofed and put into use.

Message effectiveness reporting

When traffic comes to your website from social networks you’ll be able to see who is visiting your site. DemandCenter’s built-in reporting lets you see the traffic from anonymous visitors, including detail on the locations and companies they represent. Of course you don’t know exactly who they are yet, until you convert them to a known prospect.

For those prospects that are known – you’ll see full detail on which social network referred them, as well as full detail on all of the pages they’ve viewed, how long they viewed, what assets they downloaded as well as which webinars they participated in. You’ll also see all of their other activity including email opens and click throughs.

You can click on these reports to drill down into the rich prospect-by-prospect detail.

Social media visits – prospect detail

Summary reports can be clicked to reveal the detail behind the numbers. Once a contact is known, or eTrigue-enabled, their activity or “digital biography” is recorded over the life of their relationship with your company. You’ll be able to see full detail of all of their activity including visits from social networks, AdWords, email opens, webinars, web page views and much more. You’ll know everything they’ve done, for how long and how often they return.