Time and Day Control

Send email at the right time, every time

eTrigue DemandCenter gives you unprecedented time and day control of when emails are sent from the system.

Let’s face it, your prospects know that sales folks are unlikely to be up and working at 3 in the morning! So eTrigue makes it easy to control when emails are sent out from the system on behalf of your sales reps or on behalf of your marketing folks. Many marketing automation systems don’t give you the control you need to precisely control when sends occur.

At every step of the way eTrigue’s proprietary campaign logic checks to make sure that emails are sent when you need them to. It’s easy to set up, and it runs automatically.

Time and day control is built in to every step of eTrigue DemandCenter’s campaign logic.

Control the cadence

What happens when a potential prospect fills out a form at midnight on a Friday night?

Most marketing automation systems might follow up automatically with a Thank You message and then put the prospect into a drip or a nurture campaign. You probably don’t want those email messages to be sent at Friday night at midnight. eTrigue makes it easy to set the specific time and day for sending emails.

You can control the specific day of the week, and you can specify a time for a step to occur. With time and day control eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation makes it easy to send your emails when it makes sense.