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Webcast management is fast and easier than ever

Webcast and webinar event management becomes easier than ever with eTrigue DemandCenter Webinar Event Management. eTrigue includes the ability to synchronize event data with the two most popular webcast providers: WebEx and GoToWebinar.

Registration information and timed attendance data are now automatically queried by eTrigue DemandCenter and added to the appropriate prospect record in eTrigue. This capability makes it easy to automate prospect follow-up and trigger campaign actions based upon event activity.


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Event Attendee Search

Event data

Whether you’re developing detailed customer profiles that include event attendance data, or just tracking individual webcast attendance, eTrigue DemandCenter makes event attendance data available where you need it. A person registered but did not attend? With search-based queries you can easily automate a “Sorry we missed you” message. eTrigue makes it easy to populate your CRM system with the same data.

The basic registration and attendance data includes the following:

  • Event Name
  • Status
    • Registered
    • Attended
    • Did Not Attend
  • Attendance Duration
  • Event date
    • Range

Event and event access management

Access management lets you configure eTrigue DemandCenter for your requirements, manage the overall instance(s) of your webcast / web meeting provider and manage individual webcasts that are in your account. After you select which events you want to track eTrigue automatically populates the attendance data in eTrigue DemandCenter. You choose which events you wish to synchronize and track within eTrigue DemandCenter.