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Tracking Anonymous Visitors – Do You Care? (read)

What’s the value of tracking anonymous visitors on your site? Surprisingly, many marketers are still inclined to answer “very little,” or ask “Don’t we already do that with our web analytics?” The short answer is that it’s absolutely important.

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Optimizing Marketing Spend: 5 Quick Wins Via Marketing Automation (read)

An ever-larger slice of the billions spent on BtoB marketing is going to online marketing efforts; yet industry perspectives, including Raab Associates, assert that marketing automation adoption, while
growing rapidly, still isn’t pervasive.

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4 Ways Pipelines Can Break Down without the Right CRM Integration

Avoid costly integration blunders. Learn the four most common and easy-to-resolve issues that accounted for the majority of integration breakdowns.

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5 Tips to Keep the Pipeline Pumping while You’re Away

Redefine downtime with marketing automation tools. No matter where you are, campaigns can still send to targeted prospects, new inquiries can still be being channeled to the right salesperson and management can continually see internal reports.

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8 (More) Ways to Accelerate Sales in a Down Economy

Generating more qualified leads with fewer people and less budget is the key to survival.

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7 Tips to Get Biggest Bang Out Of Sales, Marketing Databases

Make sure the right team is focused on the right audience, at the right time.

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Direct Marketers Refine Time-Tested Tactics

Consistency with continued refinement will mature your campaign and your customer at the same time.

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The Four Ms for Go-to-Market Success

Building an effective go-to-market plan is one area where many B2B organizations struggle due to a lack of synergy between the sales and marketing functions.

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Marketing Analytics Move Closer to Revenue As Focus Shifts from Leads to Opportunities

In this sneak peek, Andrew Gaffney (Editor of the DemandGen Report), focuses on how many advanced marketers are beginning to look beyond ROI metrics like Cost Per Lead and are digging at deeper analytics like Cost Per Opportunity.

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