eTrigue Marketing Automation Provides Better Results:

marketing automation prospecting

Find Your Best Prospects

Discovering the right target audience lets you capture, nurture and close leads effectively.

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marketing and lead generation campaigns

Nurture Prospects Into Leads

eTrigue makes it easy to grow your relationship with potential customers by automating the nurturing process.

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lead nurturing

Orchestrate Your Marketing

Effective marketing campaigns are easy to build and manage with DemandCenter’s intuitive drag-and-drop campaign manager.

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real time lead alerts

See Real-Time Results

Automated Real-time Lead Alerts deliver the sales knowledge you need to engage effectively with prospects at the right time.

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The Content Gap

Marketing automation is more effective than just deploying batch-and blast email systems, because it retains a full view of prospect actions from the very first visit to your site through to all subsequent digital interactions. [...] read more

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VisitIQ Brings Marketing Intelligence to Email

VisitIQ is a new approach to email marketing, lead generation and web analytics tailored specifically to small businesses – the fastest-growing and largest segment of today’s economy. read more.

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Learning Resources

Get Your Campaign Groove On

Read the 29 page e-book from Demand Gen Report and eTrigue.

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Power and Simplicity

View the 3-minute DemandCenter marketing automation overview.

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Refresh your Marketing Strategies

Read the e-book on marketing automation from Demand Gen Report and eTrigue.

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Marketing Automation Perspectives