eTrigue creates and runs your co-marketing campaigns for partners — simply, quickly and at scale.

A win win.

For you.

You get a turnkey program – content, campaign buildout, platform and all program management.

For your partners.

Your partners get to focus on MQLs and follow-up. No extra headcount, content or long lead times to design and execute programs.

Real-time lead alerts for every lead generated.


Real-time lead alerts include:

  • Contact information
  • Content accessed with times
  • Most recent campaign stats

Sales Follow-up

Sales are enabled for quick follow-up with:

  • Partner training and video recording
  • Lead alert details
  • Resources and call guide links


You can see:

  • Sales rep responsiveness
  • The outcome for each follow-up
  • Notes and qualification questions

Partners will see all of their lead details in real-time, you will see which Partners and salespersons need help to drive leads to success.

Lead Alerts

Real-time delivered via email, easy-to-read and actionable to ensure quick follow-up. Instantly know who to contact, and when.

Sales Follow-up

Sales reps. simply click on the lead alert and provide status on their conversations. You can easily identify opportunities,  lead backlog, campaign metrics, MQL’s, and your specific KPIs.

Partner Results​

Program performance, by individual partner so you can see how your partners stack up. Know who is following up, and who needs help.

Partner Results​
Partner Salesperson Performance​

Partner Salesperson Performance

Performance reporting for each individual partner salesperson. You and the partner can see how quickly leads are being follow-up, who needs help, and who is hitting home runs.

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