We create and run your digital campaigns on the eTrigue platform.

Campaigns run on the eTrigue platform for simplicity, scale and speed.

Partners get campaign outcomes, MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads), with minimal effort.

eTrigue builds contacts, content, and campaigns - you identify partners.

For you.

You get a turnkey program – content, campaign buildout, platform and all program management.

For your partners.

Your partners get to focus on leads and follow-up. No extra headcount, content or long lead times to design and execute programs.

You will get a lead alert for every lead generated.


Real-time lead alerts include:

  • Contact information
  • Content accessed with times
  • Most recent campaign stats


Sales are enabled for quick follow-up with:

  • Partner training and video recording 
  • Lead alert details
  • Resources and call guide links

Sales Follow-up

You can see:

  • Sales rep responsiveness
  • The outcome for each follow-up
  • Notes and qualification questions

See all lead detail - ensure they are followed up on, identify which partners and salespersons need help, and drive leads to success.

Lead Alerts

Real-time delivered via email, easy-to-read and actionable to ensure quick follow-up. Instantly know who to contact, and when.

Sales Follow-up

Sales reps. simply click on the lead alert and provide status on their conversations. You can easily identify opportunities,  lead backlog, campaign metrics, MQL’s, and your specific KPIs.

Partner Results​

Program performance, by individual partner so you can see how your partners stack up. Know who is following up, and who needs help.

Partner Salesperson Performance

Performance reporting for each individual partner salesperson. You and the partner can see how quickly leads are being follow-up, who needs help, and who is hitting home runs.

Scale to 3-5X leads in four weeks or less.​​

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