How much time will it take me to launch a program as a vendor/sponsor?

As a vendor, we will spend a couple hours with you at the program onset selecting your best marketing assets. Then, eTrigue handles all the design, content, campaign and list builds, program execution and reporting. Finally, you just share the results with your management team and decide which partners to expand with.

Who “signs up” the partners?

Well, eTrigue prepares marketing materials to aid you in promoting your new program. First, we always provide a partner-facing program brochure and ppt presentation in your format. Finally, our team is available to present to partners, either with you, or representing your programs for you.

How long will it take to implement my campaign?

Typically, to create a new program takes 3 weeks from approval to proceed. This means all content, design, campaigns, list development and partner on boarding is ready to go live. After the initial campaign is live, new partners can be on boarded and live within a week.

What results can I expect?

Overall, typical programs generate around 100 Marketing Qualified Leads per partner over the 6 month campaign. Typically, results vary depending on the audience, geography, and products or solutions you are interesting in promoting. Ultimately, the goal of our marketing programs are to present educational materials which will generate interest and brand recognition. 

How can I ensure the partners own their campaigns?

So, the key to a success program is make sure partners are following up on the leads generated for them. Furthermore, you will have visibility to see which leads, and which sales representatives are following up. To clarify, You do not need to login since you will receive automatic reports that show you how your campaigns are running, and where to focus resources to aid partners.

What is the budget requirement?
Including content, design, list development, campaign execution and reporting, the programs costs between $2,000 – 3,000 per month for each partner. This is based on a 6 month long campaign. Also, you able to are running a eTrigue DemandCenter for your internal programs. This would costs are based on the number of contacts you leverage in your instance – starting at $850/month.
What are sources your use for your campaign? Are they any good?

So, eTrigue uses DiscoverOrg or ZoomInfo and other reputable sources depending in the country of your campaign. As a partner, we will review your criteria together, make suggestions, and develop a preview list for your review. Once your list is approved, all the contact data from your list will be added to your campaign. To clarify, this data is yours to use for other internal programs and not sell. All contact data is updated every 90 days, and is GDPR, CANspam, and CASL compliant.

How do I determine who to target?

Firstly, you should never feel the need to limit your campaign by the prospects you want to target. With that in mind, we look at the personas of your current customers and locate contacts at very similar accounts. We then move to work with you to identify the titles, industries, geographies, and job responsibilities for your target audience. Now, eTrigue builds you a target list, this is a great opportunity to add as many customers and prospects to your campaign. So, we will go through a 30-minute training with your sales reps on follow up best practices. Now, when we are all ready and your campaign will launch within 5 days.

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