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eTrigue is a high growth equal opportunity

What is eTrigue?

eTrigue is a high growth equal opportunity start-up and a market leader in multi-channel Marketing Automation. Our platform enables our customers to run digital campaigns for their partners with simplicity and ease, allowing their partners to focus on closing sales. eTrigue is a cloud-based marketing automation system provider which features easy-to-use campaign building tools.

Moreover, eTrigue’s DemandCenter drives hundreds of organizations nurture and track prospects with the use of inbound and outbound programs. DemandCenter tracks across a variety of platforms including: email, web, mobile, and social means. DemandCenter’s integrated marketing suite is particularly useful for many organizations because of these tools and features.

eTrigue makes it easy for big or small marketing teams to manage their marketing efforts. We have full integration with CRM, webcast systems, and ad-reporting systems with live lead alerts. 

Equal Opportunity Careers

We’re creating an environment where anyone contribute and be successful. If you’re interested in growing your career and helping hundreds of organizations grow, you’re in the right place. There are 3 main reasons why eTrigue would be a good fit for your career. Firstly, we have a successful track record of 34 years as a leading Silicon Valley marketing firm and contributor to thousands of companies. Secondly, team members work closely together to achieve a common goal and are passionate about the job culture that is being built here. Thirdly, a career at Etrigue is fulfilling; you stand to learn and contribute a lot to this company. In the end, we are looking for bright, talented, and motivated full-time team members to help continue our rapid growth. If you’re interested, check out our job offerings below!

Equal Opportunity Careers ​

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