Extend your great marketing with through-channel marketing. Quickly scale partner marketing.

eTrigue through channel marketing enables you to quickly scale partner campaigns.


Turnkey Through-Channel Marketing

A robust, hands-off, turnkey solution that includes platform, content services, and execution.

Corporate Initiative Marketing

Existing marketing automation platforms do not scale for “partner” campaigns.

Channel Do-it-yourself Marketing

Do it yourself solutions require time and hands-on resources that aren’t scalable or accountable.

Turnkey Through-Channel Marketing​
Corporate Initiative Marketing​

Partner Portal

"Partner" marketing automation platform
Prospect Target Persona Development included
Real-time Marketing Qualified Lead alerts
Sales Rep Responsiveness Tracking
Turnkey services bundled with platform


Not available

Limited and not scalable

Your time requirement to create, deploy

1 hour

10+ hours

5+ hours

Hours required to manage the campaign

30 minutes

10 hours per week

5 hours per week

Partner personalization




Performance dashboards – at campaign, partner, and sales level

Campaign, Partner and Sales levels

Campaign only


How does eTrigue work?

eTrigue provides the services, platform, and team to run your campaigns for you.

eTrigue is the marketing automation platform and our team carries out digital campaigns on your Partner’s benefit. We can launch a campaign within weeks. You receive real-time lead alerts that let you track every lead from every partner.

eTrigue provides the services, platform, and team to run your campaigns for you.​
eTrigue is purpose built to scale and meet your through-channel outreach goals.​

eTrigue's purpose is to build, scale, and meet your through-channel goals.

eTrigue combines services and a cloud based platform built to scale from a few to hundreds of partners. Your partner data is protected, and not able to be viewed until a prospect becomes a Marketing Qualified Lead. The cloud platform is ISO 27001 global certified for security.

You identify content assets, we do the rest.

eTrigue uses your best corporate assets for co-branding. We build the campaigns – all emails, landing pages, infocenter design and copy. Then unsuring the copy, subject lines and campaigns are optimized.

You identify content assets, we do the rest.​
Full visibility to lead alerts and a management dashboard to gauge performance.​

Full visibility to lead alerts and a management dashboard to gauge performance.

Sales teams can turn eTrigue leads into deals quicker with prospect insights provided in real-time lead alerts. A simple click to update indicates lead progress including follow-up times, meetings scheduled and opportunity pipeline detail. Compare performance across partners and sales teams with automated reports and a dashboard just for you, the “sponsor”.

3 steps to start generating leads for partners



Provide campaign assets and partners to include - eTrigue handles the rest.



eTrigue will contact partners for target list build and personalize the effort for each partner.



Communicate timeframe to launch, and reporting cadence. Promote programs for expansion.

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