Extend your Partner's reach to new prospects.

In-person events are limited, internal marketing support is minimal, budgets are tight. We're all on webinar overload. How can you drive more leads to your partners' sales team in the current environment without creating more work for yourself? How do you break through?

eTrigue runs digital nurturing campaigns leveraging your content, using the eTrigue platform, on behalf of your partners.

  • We will provide your partner’s a net/new prospect list of up to 10,000 contacts.
  • eTrigue will build and run co-branded campaigns on your behalf.
  • Your partners receive real-time leads – net new – and lead alerts to manage each to success.
  • Lastly, we will build co-branded content, emails, landing pages and a unique infocenter for each partner.

eTrigue runs digital nurturing campaigns leveraging your content, using the eTrigue platform, on behalf of your partners.​

eTrigue delivers campaigns and leads for your partners so you can:


Launch more campaigns, faster


Report 55% to 100% better MDF ROI


Find over 35% net new business


Grow your revenue by over 75%


Convert your leads to deals and revenue


Find new buyer centers for 25% more revenue

50 Leads

Per Quarter/Partner

Scale your leads.

When eTrigue runs your vendor-sponsored campaigns you will see leads come to life, with real-time alerts.

35%+ Net

New Businesses

Find net new accounts.

Your partners are provided with new prospects to convert to buyers. Lists include "look-alike" accounts leveraging your target personas, geos, and verticals.

Simple steps to success.

With eTrigue vendor-sponsored campaigns you will see net/new business faster than any other method. All you need to do is:

Your partners can follow up.

Follow -up

Support partners to follow up on leads.

Your partners can share.


Your success with your team and management.

Not interested in a turnkey, all-inclusive partner platform with services, but need an easy-to-use marketing automation platform to run digital nurturing campaigns yourself?

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