Check Point Technologies in “Harmony” with Their Channel

The Opportunity

Global cyber security leader, Check Point Technologies, approached our lead generation agency looking for a scalable, turnkey, Thru-Channel Partner campaign to market their unified security solution.

The Solution

eTrigue implemented the “Harmony” play – a co-branded nurture email campaign that drove to co-branded landing pages and infocenter. Select Tier Two Partners were offered a choice between a 3 or 6-month campaign or “play.” Partners also received a 5,000-10,000 net new prospect list (quantity dependent on play selected) to leverage for the campaign that was theirs to own after the campaign concluded.

The Results

This lead generation program powered by the eTrigue marketing services team and the eTrigue lead generation platform was a win-win for Check Point and partners alike.

  • The nurture campaign delivered on the MQL goal set for participating Partners.
  • Check Point received real-time visibility into each Partner’s follow-up performance along with a robust campaign on messaging and asset engagement.
  • Check Point is now running net new Thru-Channel programs with eTrigue.

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