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Our mission is to make partner marketing frictionless — through platform, team, and content integration. We run your digital campaigns on the eTrigue partner marketing platform for increased partner value and attain exponential reach.

marketing frictionless

Our DemandCenter Marketing Automation was developed by one of Silicon Valley’s leading marketing and demand generation agencies. Furthermore, eTrigue has a 34-year history of driving sales for business-to-business companies. Our team is experienced in handling marketing within the constraints of startups and multi-national channel partners to make partner marketing frictionless.

Inspired by the difficulty of running targeted marketing campaigns, the DemandCenter Marketing Automation was developed to help companies scale their campaigns worldwide.

Built in the cloud for scalability, eTrigue combines an easy-to-use platform and the content services to execute tasks for hundreds of partners simultaneously. We provide your team a vying advantage to out-market your competitors and drive more high quality leads to your partners.

Today, eTrigue Corporation is run by an experienced team of senior technology executives and marketers that build highly-demanded solutions that meet the marketing needs of rapidly growing companies across the world.

Helping clients drive marketing success in over 92 countries.

Our Marketing Automation fills your pipeline with more leads and helps close sales faster

Above all, eTrigue provides easy-to-use Marketing Automation to help your team identify and convert hot leads and close more sales. DemandCenter Marketing Automation creates, executes, and tracks powerful multi-channel target marketing campaigns without requiring dedicated  IT integration. With real-time lead alerts, automated lead scoring and reporting, and search-based profiling,  your team can:

  • Target and nurture your best prospects easier
  • Align Sales and Marketing to drive revenue faster
  • Improve ROI and accountability with measurable results

Moreover, our software helps generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles, and increase revenue. Our advanced analytics gives marketers the tools they need to measure results and demonstrate true ROI.

Finally, our DemandCenter software as a service combines sophistication with ease of use. No dedicated resources are required to run eTrigue through channel marketing automation or to make changes to achieve a better fit with your marketing and sales process. Nevertheless, we understand the importance of sales, and our flat-fee pricing shows that. It allows an unlimited number of company users with unlimited campaign frequency and customer activity — to promote your company’s success. In the end, eTrigue’s marketing automation is meant to empower companies around the world, without any extra friction.

Checkout our awards page to learn more about the work we do at eTrigue Corp.

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