Built by marketeers for sales acceleration.

eTrigue's mission is to make partner marketing frictionless—through platform, team, and content integration. We run your digital campaigns on the eTrigue partner marketing platform for exponential reach and partner value.

eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation was developed by one of Silicon Valley’s leading marketing and demand generation agencies with a 34 year history of driving sales for business-to-business companies.

Inspired by the difficulty of running demand generation programs for startups and for multi-national channel partners within the constraints and limitations of cumbersome, or feature-light applications, the DemandCenter marketing automation and “through channel” solutions were developed to help companies scale campaigns without headcount. By combining an easy to use platform, built in the cloud for scalability, and the content

services to execute for hundreds of partners simultaneously, eTrigue provides your team a competitive advantage to ‘out-market’ your competitors and drive more high quality leads to your partners.

Today, eTrigue Corporation is run by an experienced team of senior technology executives and marketers, focused on building demand generation solutions that meet the marketing and sales needs of rapidly growing companies worldwide.

Helping clients drive marketing success in 93 countries.

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