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The perspectives featured here are channel partner marketing pros who have leveraged eTrigue Lead Accelerator campaigns.

Joe Diodati

Consulting CMO and former Senior Director of Marketing for Cisco, speaks to what’s important to channel partners and how eTrigue hits the mark on engagement.

Laura Ventura

Head of Global Channel Marketing of Check Point Software Technologies, works with 1,000+ partners world wide, shares insights on how using eTrigue accelerates and scales Check Point’s global channel partner campaigns, and generates leads for partners with a short window to launch.

James Cooper

Principal & Managing Director of Ascendant, explains the keys to successful channel marketing and engagement and the role of content to maximize campaign performance.

Paul Dippell

CEO/Founder of Service Leadership, speaks to how eTrigue was instrumental with helping Service Leadership grow their business, setting new goals every year.

Penny Byron

Worldwide Marketing Executive at Cisco, walks through how eTrigue was able to help Cisco scale to reach thousands of partners, helping them find new revenue streams selling Cisco solutions.

Andrea Skov

Chief Marketing Officer, explains how eTrigue helped provide a continuous flow of leads, sharing results in real-time.

Michael Basoah

Director, Demand Generation Consultant, explains how eTrigue has delivered targeted demand generation programs to companies like SAP SuccessFactors, doubling leads passed to sales, in half the time and with with no additional costs.

Barry Castle

Product Marketing Director of Skype, explains how eTrigue helped Skype quickly ramp up to run 115 lead generation programs in 3 months with easy set-up, a dynamic content management interface, and robust reporting functionality.

Kim Tanner

Marketing Consultant, explains how when using eTrigue you are not only getting a robust marketing tool, but also a full service marketing team to help you every step of the way.

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