75% of channel partners don’t have the resources to market your products and solutions.

eTrigue Lead Accelerator helps you scale demand generation lead flow by marketing ‘Thru & With’ partners to their customers and new prospects.

Take the 5-minute quiz to receive the Smart Partner Marketing Roadmap and gain personalized tips to efficiently scale your partner marketing efforts.


Our clients would agree.

Amplify your marketing and help partners generate more leads.

eTrigue provides the platform and team. You identify campaign assets and partners. We run the campaign. Partners focus on real-time Marketing Qualified Leads, setting you up for success.

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Partner Marketing Automation Platform

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Expert Content Marketing Team


Real-time Leads and Accountability

We design, build, and scale campaigns - for one to 100+ channel partners on our platform & services.

Partners receive a turnkey 6 month nurturing campaign, leads in real-time, and insights on sales team follow-up.

You have full visibility to partner lead flow and individual sales rep. performance and outcomes.

Scale to 3-5X leads in four weeks or less.​​

50 Leads

Per Quarter Per Partner

Scale your leads.

eTrigue executes your partner campaigns - you see opportunities come to life with real-time alerts.

20:1 Return

On Investment

Help your partners succeed and grow your revenue.

eTrigue will help you recruit partners and will handle on-boarding and training. Partners focus on closing deals.


New Opportunities

Cross-sell, upsell, and focus on net new logos.

Each partner receives Marketing Qualified Leads. eTrigue develops a target buyer persona, based on buyer roles, company sizes, and industries to match partner specialties.

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Amplify your great marketing.

Get a customized Smart Partner Marketing Roadmap

Gain personalized tips to efficiently
scale your partner marketing efforts

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