75% of channel partners don’t have the resources to market your products and solutions.

eTrigue Lead Accelerator helps you scale demand generation lead flow by marketing ‘Thru & With’ partners to their customers and new prospects.

Take the 5-minute quiz to receive the Smart Partner Marketing Roadmap and gain personalized tips to efficiently scale your partner marketing efforts.


Check Point Technologies talks Partner Marketing @ Scale

Lauren Ventura, Head of Global Channel Marketing, shares insights from leveraging 1,000+ partners to accelerate her campaigns and generate leads for partners with a short window to launch. 2:40 min.

Our clients would agree.

eTrigue provides the platform and team. You identify campaign assets and partners. We run the campaign. Partners focus on real-time Marketing Qualified Leads, setting you up for success.

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Partner Marketing Automation Platform

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Expert Content Marketing Team


Real-time Leads and Accountability

We design, build, and scale campaigns - for one to 100+ channel partners with our platform and services.

Partners receive a turnkey 6-month nurturing campaign, leads in real-time, and insights on sales team follow-up.

You have full visibility to partner lead flow, individual sales rep performance, and outcomes.

Scale to 3-5X leads in four weeks or less.​​

50 Leads

Per Quarter Per Partner

Scale your leads.

eTrigue executes your partner campaigns - you see opportunities come to life with real-time alerts.

20:1 Return

On Investment

Help your partners succeed and grow your revenue.

eTrigue will help you recruit partners and will handle on-boarding and training. Partners focus on closing deals.


New Opportunities

Cross-sell, upsell, and focus on new business.

Each partner receives Marketing Qualified Leads. eTrigue develops a target buyer persona, based on buyer roles, company sizes, and industries to match partner specialties.

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