Give your partners an edge - let them focus on closing sales.

Give your partners an edge ​

partners an edge​

Give your partners an edge.​

Drive  Leads
Turnkey Resources
Track Leads

The climate has changed.

In person events no longer account for 50% of partner lead flow. You need to discover new digital ways to generate opportunities now, or risk losing market share and partner loyalty. eTrigue Lead Accelerator enables you to scale your digital marketing efforts with partners and ensure your pipeline is full.


What will give you the edge?

Your partners need a boost.

Most partners are “under-resourced” and will welcome turn-key solutions that generate lead flow without a big time commitment. Amplifying your best marketing efforts @ scale can greatly enhance your ROI.


How can you help?

It’s time to do something different.

Partners need something easy, executed on their behalf that also expands their reach. Now you can give them your best marketing programs,  personalized and delivered to their prospects. You are delivering “Do-it-For-Me” to help your partners scale.


Want to learn how?


Give your partners an edge.​

“eTrigue helps complex organizations scale, manage, and measure through-channel partner marketing programs…

…with automation and predictive capabilities. It’s a good choice for marketers in complex B2B2C or B2B2B organizations that need to manage data sharing and marketing automation in conjunction with multiple channel patterns and sales stakeholders.”

eTrigue provides the platform and team to create and run your digital partner marketing campaigns.

Give your partners an edge​


Launch partners based on your timeframe.

Give your partners an edge​


Scale your program to 100's of partners.

Give your partners an edge​


Real-time leads and sales accountability.

If you don’t market for your partners, it simply won’t happen.

“75% or more of your channel partners don’t have the time or resources to execute marketing and sales programs on your behalf.” *  

Make it easier for partners to market your products & solutions.

Give your partners an edge​


Partners typically receive 50 leads/MQL's per quarter.

Give your partners an edge​


Experience a 20:1 return on your marketing investment.

Give your partners an edge​


Drive 2-3X stronger sales results from your MDF dollars.

Give your partners an edge​

Give your partners an edge​

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