If you don’t market for your partners, it simply won’t happen.

"75% or more of your channel partners don’t have the time or resources to execute marketing and sales programs on your behalf."

eTrigue provides the platform and team to create, run and scale your digital marketing campaigns.

Give your partners an edge​


Launch campaigns based on your timeframe.

Give your partners an edge​


Scale your program to 100's of partners.

Give your partners an edge​


Real-time leads and sales accountability.

“eTrigue helps complex organizations scale, manage, and measure through-channel partner marketing programs…

…with automation and predictive capabilities. It’s a good choice for marketers in complex B2B2C or B2B2B organizations that need to manage data sharing and marketing automation in conjunction with multiple channel patterns and sales stakeholders.”

Make it easier for partners to market your products and solutions.

Give your partners an edge​


Partners typically receive 50 leads/MQL's per quarter.

Give your partners an edge​


Experience a 20:1 return on your marketing investment.

Give your partners an edge​


Drive 2-3X stronger sales results from your MDF dollars.

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Amplify your great marketing.

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