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How to Be a Better Partner with Your Partners

30 minutes of energizing info you can use to power up your Partner Marketing Program.

It’s what you think you know about your channel (but don’t) that can hurt you! Featuring guest Paul Dippell, founder and former CEO of Service Leadership, Inc., the Solution Provider industry’s leading benchmarking and performance improvement firm worldwide. In 30 highly caffeinated minutes, Paul and Kristin Carey, VP of Partner Development for eTrigue, discuss how to evaluate your channel partners with a fresh perspective, so you can answer questions like:

• What does financial top performance really look like for a partner and why do you care?

• For top performing partners, what’s the secret sauce? How do they approach sales and marketing, and who are they going after?

• How can you engage more top performing partners, and enable your underperforming partners for better outcomes?

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