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Managing and Motivating Sales Development Reps (SDRs) for Blastoff Results

30 minutes of energizing info you can use to power up your Partner Marketing Program.

We’re diving into the next key factor in a successful channel marketing program —Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) – best practices to ensure you’re managing and motivating your team to optimally increase your sales efforts.

Join us for 30 minutes with the founder of one of the most successful call centers in the U.S. In this webinar, Greg Casale, Founder and CEO, Reveneer and Kristin Carey, VP Partner Development, eTrigue cover what you can do to enable your sales team for success, including: 

  • Key metrics to use when measuring SDR performance.
  • A day in the life of an SDR — what does a productive day look like?
  • How to increase live connection rates.
  • Feeding SDRs a lead flow to succeed.

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