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Deliver Effective Demand Generation Marketing Automation Campaigns Using Your Existing Resources

eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation helps you launch more marketing campaigns and generate more qualified leads with your existing resources. eTrigue’s robust marketing automation solution has everything you need to effectively manage your demand generation campaigns, including tools for lead segmentation, emailing to your prospects, lead scoring and nurturing, real-time lead alerts, and anonymous visitor tracking. And all without hidden costs. Achieving a high, measurable marketing ROI and real revenue impact has never been easier, with eTrigue’s highly intuitive, user-friendly dashboard.

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Email Marketing Automation

Improve Effectiveness and Deliver More Campaigns

Leverage existing resources for highest revenue impact

  • Quickly deploy multi-step marketing automation campaigns or ad-hoc email programs
  • Build personalized 1:1 marketing automation email and nurturing programs
  • WYSIWYG html editor with 100+ templates and marketing asset library

Learn more about the Drag-and-Drop Campaign Builder >

Marketing Automation Prospect Activity Tracking

Measure, Report and Analyze Campaigns Automatically

Analyze and quantify your marketing automation programs for comprehensive reporting – fast

  • Launch and automatically measure individual message and cross-campaign effectiveness
  • Take immediate action and confidently adjust your marketing automation efforts
  • Drill down to individual tactics and quickly generate comprehensive reporting
  • User-friendly data and dynamic charts help create engaging presentations faster

Learn more about Comprehensive Reporting >

Flexible Search-Based Marketing Automation Segmentation

Flexible Search-based Segmentation

Powerful search-based interface puts you in control

  • Identify, profile, launch and report with super-fast, multi-level smart search
  • Quickly view any criteria, demographic, specific activity, period of time, geographic or negative values
  • Pre-defined searches help define target audiences, launch demand generation campaigns, trigger real-time Lead Alerts
  • Easily report on any aspect of your engagement with current and potential customers

Learn more about Search and Marketing Automation Database Management >

Real-Time Marketing Automation Lead Alerts

Real-Time Lead Alerts

Empower sales teams with detailed prospect activity alerts in real time

  • Quickly configure detailed prospect activity alerts to your sales team in real time
  • Provide marketing automation alerts via email, mobile, CRM to sales or automate scheduled reporting for account owners, management or partners
  • Set flexible triggers based on activity, scoring, timing or demographics
  • Help deliver the most relevant marketing message at the right time

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Anonymous Visitor Tracking Dashboard

Anonymous Visitor Tracking

Identify and monitor your web site visitors before and after they register

  • Track all anonymous visitors to your website and their interests
  • Identify anonymous visitors’ companies based on their Internet connection
  • Identify which web search terms are bringing anonymous visitors to your site
  • Build a valuable web visit history before a prospect registers and append it to their profile when they become known
  • Receive marketing automation anonymous visitor reports via email

Learn more about Anonymous Visitor Tracking >

Relationship Scoring with Marketing Automation

3-D Lead Scoring

Evaluate prospects based on who, what and when

  • Help qualify prospects based on who, what and when they interact with your programs
  • Marketing Automation evaluates prospects by demographic and activity
  • React immediately to score, activity, or other self-triggered Lead Alert
  • Identify unique buying behaviors
  • Develop custom scores based on any searchable criteria
  • View scores and activity history as a stand-alone solution or within your current CRM

Learn more about 3-D Lead Scoring >

Marketing Analytics with Marketing Automation

Real-Time Dashboards

Measure effectiveness and identify high-quality prospects with real-time data

  • Pre-configured marketing automation dashboards highlight message effectiveness in real-time
  • Easily identify the most active prospects, companies, and lead sources based on real-time activity
  • Reduce the time to sale by quickly locating high-quality prospects

Learn more about Marketing Effectiveness Dashboard >

Landing Page Editor with Marketing Automation

Landing Page Editor

Landing pages without IT support

  • Design effective landing pages for your demand generation programs with an easy to use HTML page builder
  • 100+ pre-designed best-practice templates and forms increase demand generation conversion
  • Easy to use drop-down form editor
  • Smart forms recognize known visitors to eliminate unnecessary input
  • Landing pages are published instantly with no support from your IT team
  • Subdomain linking maintains your company’s landing page identity

Learn more about Landing Page Editor >

Marketing Automation email editor

Email Template Builder

Easy to use email template builder

  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) email builder
  • Built-in email testing with Litmus (subscription required)
  • 100+ pre-designed templates to get you started quickly
  • Easy to use drop-down personalization
  • Automatic CAN-SPAM opt-out compliance
  • Content manager for image and management
  • Plain text creation and editing
  • Language selection, cookie suppression, and subscription selection

Learn more about Email Template Editor >

See your entire Google AdWords results at a glance

Google AdWords Integration

See the details Google AdWords doesn’t report

  • Go beyond the simple cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion
  • See the effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaigns
  • See the interaction of named prospects with Google AdWords – even if they don’t convert via the ad
  • See the interaction of anonymous prospects with Google AdWords – even if they don’t convert
  • See clicks, impressions, CTR, Avg. CPC, cost, conversions, as well as Known and Anonymous Prospects.
  • Drill-down on Known and Anonymous Prospect detail

Learn more about Google AdWords visibility >

Prospect Nurturing with Marketing Automation

Lead Nurturing

Create ongoing demand generation campaigns to warm prospects into viable, sales-ready leads

  • Multi-step marketing automation campaigns nurture qualified prospects
  • Trigger delivery of campaign and messaging based on prospect behavior
  • Assure timely interaction with minimal in-house marketing automation efforts
  • Align marketing automation campaigns with prospect need and readiness

Learn more about Prospect Nurturing >

CRM Integration with Marketing Automation

Flexible Integration with Salesforce CRM

Unparalleled integration eliminates sales’ learning curve

  • Integrate with Salesforce CRM and other leading CRM solutions
  • Provides detailed customer activity information to sales without learning another application
  • Provides instant access to prospect information before they’re added to Salesforce
  • Avoids cluttering pipeline with unqualified prospects by first viewing, sorting, scoring and analyzing active prospects

Salesforce Integration with Marketing Automation
eTrigue Marketing Automation for AppExchange

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CRM Integration with Marketing Automation

Flexible Integration with Leading CRM Systems

Easy to setup integrations

  • Integrate with Sugar CRM
  • Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM Integration with Marketing Automation
eTrigue Marketing Automation for Sugar CRM

Learn more about CRM Integration

Webinar and Webcast Event Management

Webinar and Webcast Event Management

Webinars are easier than ever with eTrigue DemandCenter

  • Synchronize event registration data from WebEx
  • Synchronize event registration data from GoToWebinar
  • Automatically update campaigns in DemandCenter
  • Automate follow up to attendees and “did not attend”
  • eTrigue automatically populates attendance data
  • Choose which events to synchronize

GoToWebinar Webinar and Webcast Event Management
WebEx Webinar and Webcast Event Management

Learn more about Webinar integration

No Hidden Costs – Setup and Unlimited Support Included

Complete setup and support—at no additional cost. The flat-rate pricing of eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation ensures that no hidden costs and no additional resources are required of your team. A fixed monthly subscription fee allows unlimited demand generation; email sends, web visits, landing page views and unlimited company sales or marketing user accounts—marketing automation success with no surprises.

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