Scale or Fail: Would 10X partner marketing make an impact?

Market conditions are showing that most businesses need partners more than ever. 1,000 new SaaS providers are in a mad rush for market share. Product led, new markets, and sales and marketing noise make it even harder to get and

Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation

What You Need to Know Email marketing is a familiar tool that’s easy-to-use, effective and provides a tremendous return-on-investment. Every $1 spent on email results in $40 of revenue according to Campaign Monitor. Virtually 100% of business-to-business prospects have an

7 Ways Marketing Can Empower Sales

How marketing automation can empower sales, accelerate the sales process and drive more sales. Faced with more decision makers, influencers, and gatekeepers, sales teams need all the help they can muster to target and prioritize prospects, and reach them with

The Need for a Demand Center

Digital marketing has transformed how most organizations market today. Marketers at even the smallest companies are now equipped to leverage online strategies including email, banner ads, search, and social media.  The concept of a “demand center” has emerged at the

4 Marketing Emails You Can Set and Forget (At Least for a While)

Have you tried to write any handwritten notes lately? I swear, my fingers are so used to taking the shape of a keyboard instead of a pencil that the act of penning a single card makes my knuckles creak. That’s

How to Achieve Email Authenticity

How to Achieve Email Authenticity in a World of Automation  I have pretty much come to expect that any time my phone rings from an unknown number, it’s going to be a robot on the other end. “Hi!” the perky

How to Use Short Captivating Videos to Boost Sales

Are you using videos to attract customers and boost sales? If you are not doing this, you’re leaving a lot on the table. Not all videos are created equal. Short captivating videos are informative and entertaining — the exact experience

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