"Cool Vendor in Multichannel Marketing"

eTrigue named a "Cool Vendor in Multichannel Marketing" by Gartner

eTrigue helps complex organizations scale, manage and measure through-channel partner marketing programs with automation and predictive capabilities...

Why Cool

eTrigue helps different organizations scale, manage and measure through-channel partner marketing programs with automation and predictive capabilities, helping marketers navigate a challenging environment for effective lead management. It’s well-orchestrated workflows and campaign management capabilities and flexibility for different scenarios and marketing assets bring a fluidity and ease of use that necessary marketing automation tools are ill-equipped to provide. What’s more, eTrigue helps to maintain controls on partner data and offers by providing comprehensive analytics that track the actions and engagement of both partners and end customers.

eTrigue aims to ease some of the burden on channel partner marketing teams with its marketing software offering. It automates the creation and execution of multichannel campaigns, including essential activities such as lead scoring and reporting. eTrigue also provides real-time lead alerts to partner sales teams, with integrated lead data and follow-up assets, and tracks the response and outcomes of sales engagement, with protocols for protecting partner lead and customer data. These capabilities help address some of the core challenges faced by B2B organizations that sell through partner networks. Items on the 2020 roadmap, including customer retention and account-based marketing functionality for partners, add to eTrigue’s coolness factor.

For organizations lacking resources to manage partner marketing campaigns directly, eTrigue has a marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) offering to help teams generate qualified leads, design and program campaigns, and measure ROI. Social media analysis for eTrigue highlights the ability of its MaaS offering to help organizations increase qualified lead generation, accelerate their growth and achieve a measurable marketing ROI.


The range of vendors offering marketing automation and lead management tools is broad. Even if most mainstream B2B marketing providers don’t fully address the needs of organizations that market and sell via channel partners, they enjoy a level of visibility and mind share that are tough to penetrate for emergent vendors. eTrigue also has to contend with providers that fit into adjacent martech categories, such as distributed marketing and partner relationship management (PRM), where competitors include several of the large integrated suites. eTrigue will need to emphasize its differentiating qualities, including ease of use and ability to scale its solution for large partner networks, to continue achieving traction with it target market.

Who Should Care

Marketers in complex B2B2C or B2B2B organizations that need to manage data sharing and marketing automation in conjunction with multiple channel partners and sales stakeholders should consider eTrigue.

Analysis by Noah Elkin, Gartner

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eTrigue is a leading provider of marketing-as-a-service capabilities and marketing automation SaaS products that accelerate the way marketing and sales teams generate qualified leads and close sales. The DemandCenter marketing automation platform is consistently rated as easiest to use and helps marketers build more successful demand generation programs quickly. Learn more at our About Us page.

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