Dynamic Progressive Forms

Build Dynamic Progressive Forms quickly while retaining full flexibility

We’ve all heard the adage – “there are no dumb questions.” But most marketing automation systems aren’t capable of NOT asking dumb questions. For instance, why ask an IT person about sales issues, or ask a person with a sales title about an IT issue? Why ask a question on a form if you already have the answer in your prospect database? Dynamic Progressive Forms are the way to avoid asking all these types of dumb questions.

With powerful and flexible Dynamic Progressive Forms in eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation you can make sure your forms are always appropriate and stop annoying your visitors.

  • Significantly reduce form abandonment
  • Build dynamic, progressive form campaigns in the graphical drag and drop form builder
  • Start, stop, pause and change campaigns to your heart’s content
  • Watch statistical results right in the form builder
  • Ask a question (or not) based on any demographic or firmographic information in the prospect database
  • Skip questions when they are not appropriate, or are already answered
  • Present questions to site visitors in a programmed sequence based on:
    • Visit history
    • Activity
    • Any field in the prospect database

Graphical Dynamic Progressive Form builder

eTrigue makes it easy to create simple – or complex – campaigns using forms. The built-in graphical form builder takes you step by step through the process. Whether you want a simple form for collecting name and email only, or want a multi-step campaign that collects information over time, eTrigue’s Dynamic Progressive Form builder makes it easy, and provides unparalleled flexibility. Want to change your forms in mid-campaign? No problem. Control of Dynamic Progressive forms is dynamic and is simple to change on-the-fly, as with all eTrigue campaign building tools. Real-time control is a significant benefit to busy marketing professionals who often rework campaigns in mid-stream to take advantage of changing conditions, or to make changes and corrections quickly. No other marketing automation system gives you the same level of flexibility and control.

Message Effectiveness Reporting

Ask the right question, at the right time

eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation is smart! Contextual logic allows you to present questions that are applicable to an individual prospect, and lets you skip irrelevant questions. It’s much more than just stopping prospects from being asked redundant questions. eTrigue Dynamic Progressive Forms poses questions based upon known demographic or firmographic data such as prospect role and responsibility. For example, IT prospects may be shown IT-related questions, while marketing prospects may see marketing-related questions. eTrigue DPF logic allows both contextual and progressive questions – based on any data in the prospect database..

Message Effectiveness Reporting

A little bit at a time

eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation helps you get your forms out of the way of success with your prospects. By gathering small bits of prospect information over time rather than all-at-once, prospects are more likely to complete forms to gain access to premium web site content. Dynamic Progressive Forms greatly reduces form abandonment, delivers higher conversion rates, and better aligns marketing and sales efforts.

Message Effectiveness Reporting

Stop annoying website visitors and increase completions

Business-to-business websites might typically achieve a 10-15% form completion rate. Higher conversion rates with more qualified opportunities entering the pipeline are possible. Dynamic Progressive Forms lets you ask shorter, smarter questions and makes it easy for your prospects to respond while letting you attract and hold interested prospects over time


All inclusive – No costly surprises

eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation allows you to run Intelligent Demand Generation programs without hidden charges. eTrigue DemandCenter’s flat-rate pricing doesn’t limit how many emails you can send, limit the number of landing pages or charge for marketing user accounts. – With eTrigue there are no surprises!