Real-Time Lead Alerts

Receive detailed real-time Lead Alerts about prospects instantly, at predetermined reporting intervals, or in your CRM system

Timing and timeliness are critical to making the sale. A real-time Lead Alert gives you, and your sales team, the knowledge needed to effectively engage with a prospect. Knowing when your prospects are researching a buying decision or just continuing their education lets you engage with the right message at the right time. eTrigue’s real-time Lead Alerts deliver a detailed prospect snapshot directly to any user so you’ll know when your company is top-of-mind. You’ll even know what pages they viewed, and get a  view of their entire history. Real-time Lead Alerts puts the information sales needs right at their fingertips, no matter where they may are.

  • Know who’s active with real-time Lead Alerts sent via email or shown in your CRM
  • Instantly add qualified prospects to your CRM system directly from a Lead Alert or a report
  • Set flexible triggers for delivery based on prospect activity, scoring, timing, or demographics
  • A quick link takes you to the prospects complete detail history directly from real-time Lead Alerts, CRM, or prospect profiles
  • Real-time Lead Alerts assure a timely and appropriate follow-up from sales
  • Lead Alerts are customizable so you can include messages to your sales team

Information-rich eTrigue real-time Lead Alerts are designed for busy sales teams. They are sent when you need them to be sent – when the prospect meets the criteria you establish.  Real-time Lead Alerts provide current information about the customer, their visits and scoring information, they also make the complete history of each prospect available through a single click. Lead Alerts are easily exchanged with co-workers – or with partners – via email. You can easily send a Lead Alert to a colleague for further action and share the rich historical data you have for each prospect.

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