Constellation ShortList™ Marketing Automation tool

eTrigue added to the Constellation ShortList™ for B2B Marketing Automation

eTrigue has been named to the Constellation ShortList™ for B2B tool for Marketing Automation. Companies included on the Constellation ShortList provide key functionalities for early adopters pursuing digital transformation initiatives. eTrigue has been recognized in two consecutive Leading Offering for Early Adopters Pursuing Digital Transformation awards.

Constellation research is a research technology and advisory firm based in the Silicon Valley. They provide help to companies seeking guidance to transform their business by assessing new exponential technologies. Constellation research constitutes of a team of analysts who conduct in-depth research on exponential technologies that would benefit a particular business. They provide their professional research and advice to facilitate business transformations within a given organization.

Constellation advises start-ups interested in using disruptive technologies on how to find and achieve a transformation in their business model. The products/services named to the Constellation Shortlist achieve the criteria upheld by Constellation standards. The standards are determined for each threshold criteria through client queries, partner market conversations, customer reviews/references, market share, and additional internal research.

“In the digital era, companies are competing for buyer time and attention. The multitude of campaign channels (from social media, web programs, content marketing, advertising and events) requires companies to consider systems that can orchestrate across channels to ensure quality buyer engagement. Marketing automation provides companies with an efficient way to attract, capture, engage and nurture customers. It enables marketers to deliver qualified, sales-ready leads and provided post-sale nurturing for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.” – Constellation Research

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