High Performer from G2 Crowd Reviewers

G2 Crowd named eTrigue a "High Performer"

G2 Crowd, the business software review platform which ranks the best marketing automation companies, named eTrigue a High Performer.

The report’s rankings are based on data from more than 2,700 crowdsourced user reviews written by business and marketing professionals and analyzes customer satisfaction and market presence. This year, eTrigue increased satisfaction 19 points and became a High Performer.

One review said, “It’s hard to pick a favorite feature. The ease of building assets and campaigns is great. But then the downstream analytics and insights into how your specific prospects and customers are interacting with your emails and your web site are invaluable. The team at etrigue is super helpful as well. If I ever have an issue or get stuck on something they are on it. I think every marketing team should be on this platform.”

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