G2 Crowd High Performer

G2 Crowd Summer High Performer

As a business software review platform which ranks the marketing automation companies, G2 Crowd names eTrigue a Summer High Performer.

The report’s rankings are based on data from more than 2,700 crowd sourced user reviews. The reviews highlight eTrigue’s business and marketing professionals and analyzes customer satisfaction and market presence. eTrigue continues to in the top tier of reviewed products.

One review said, “eTrigue is built only for B2B business so they truly understand the differences with business-to-business marketing. We had Marketo previously, and the first change was that while Marketo takes hours of in-depth online training or offsite seminars, eTrigue was simple to learn and we were up and running within a couple days. The interface is so simple – yet robust. The way that email campaign assets, lists, forms and alerts are all each under their own tabs makes it very clean and easy to look at. Building a campaign is super simple. It takes logic, of course, and we hit a few snags when we first started, but the Help team always figured it out and got back to us within 24 hours, usually only one or two hours. Marketo often wouldn’t get back to us for days.”

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