Sales and Marketing Alignment Award

Cisco uses eTrigue for Sales and Marketing Alignment

eTrigue is proud to announce that we are featured is the first annual Sales & Marketing Alignment Awards within DemandGen.

“eTrigue Intelligent lead scoring helps determine which technology or offer the prospect is most interested”, said Cisco Marketing Manager Fassig-Knauer. In turn, this enables Cisco to funnel those leads in a timely manner to their call center. Ultimately, that time saved helped to increase appointments with SMB prospects by 25%.

“The information in eTrigue lead scoring gives us three times the information so our call center agents are much more prepared before a call. It also greatly increases the number of prospects we can identify as being interested in a solution because the system does not require the customer/prospect to register.”


It’s hard to pick a favorite feature. The ease of building assets and campaigns is great. But then the downstream analytics and insights into how your specific prospects and customers are interacting with your emails and your web site are invaluable. The team at etrigue is super helpful as well. If I ever have an issue or get stuck on something they are on it. I think every marketing team should be on this platform.

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