DemandGen 10 Awards Report - Codice

Honoring Top Ten Firms Driving Growth Via Automation (Codice Software)

Codice Software is a private engineering company who’s main focus is the development of Software Configuration Management (SCM) technologies and solutions. The Spain-based company provides it’s customers with well-developed SCM tools, which implement the top configuration management suites. 

The DemandGen Report (DGR) serves as a publication record for B2B marketing professionals. Their website, newsletters, and reports cover the newest innovative products and offer unique insights into the best practices in this generation. The primary topics they cover are: Marketing Automation, Revenue Performance Management, Content Marketing, Cross-Channel Campaign Strategies, and Benchmark Research. Codice landed in the Top 10 of DemandGen Awards in 2009. 

Through the implementation of eTrigue’s Marketing Automation, Codice was able to successfully create a customer-based program. Through the program, response rates increased by 160% over the next year for the company. 

By implementing a coordinated series of nurturing campaigns, the company saw an overall increase of 225% of actionable leads, and 150% increase in actionable sales leads. Codice further able to re-engage with 35% of leads that appeared to be inactive, which led to an additional 17% increase in actionable leads.

Due to this pipeline analysis, Codice expects to reduce their average sales cycle by four months. By implementing alternate nurturing tracks for consumers, the rate of engagement shows increased of buying signals. Engagement tracks through email, web, and other digital means provide quicker interaction with clients. Through targeting more qualified leads, Codice was able to gear it’s content towards the sales-ready prospects.

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