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Whitepapers & Reports

  • icon-pdf5 Marketing Automation Capabilities Top Performers Can’t Live Without

    Gleanster Deep Dive Research
    Top Performing organizations are almost four times more likely to adopt marketing automation.

  • icon-pdf5 Campaigns You Can’t Live Without

    Campaigns are the focal point of marketing automation. They’re critical to customer engagement because they help guide the customer journey from initial contact through purchase and beyond. Here are the top five campaigns.

  • icon-pdf5 Core Principles for Empowering Sales Reps with Demand Generation Tools

    Companies that use a demand generation technology reported 181% higher average close rates over companies that didn’t.


  • icon-videoUnderstanding Marketing Automation, an introduction.

    Archived Recording.

  • icon-videoUnderstanding Lead Nurturing, an introduction.

    Archived Recording.


  • icon-pdf4 Ways Pipelines Can Break Down without the Right CRM Integration

    Avoid costly integration blunders. Learn the four most common and easy-to-resolve issues that accounted for the majority of integration breakdowns.

  • icon-pdf5 Tips to Keep the Pipeline Pumping while You’re Away

    Redefine downtime with marketing automation tools. No matter where you are campaigns can still be sent to targeted prospects and new inquiries can still be channeled to the right salesperson.

  • icon-pdf8 (More) Ways to Accelerate Sales in a Down Economy

    Generating more qualified leads with fewer people and less budget is the key to survival.


  • icon-pdf5 Steps to Get Started with a Scalable System: Lead Scoring Simplified

    Get started on a simple and successful path to lead scoring with these five tips to prime both sales and marketing for success.

  • icon-pdf15 Tips for Accelerating Sales in a Down Economy

    Take your demand generation to the next level with these tips that can help you thrive during challenging times.

  • icon-pdf5-Star Email Content Checklist

    Make sure your email content is interesting and gets read with this email copy checklist for you and your team.

eTrigue Expert Series

  • icon-expert seriesSocial Prospecting with Eric Quanstrom, KiteDesk

    Replay this in-depth perspective on how social, sales and marketing are converging in today’s social selling world and what it means to your sales and marketing prospecting efforts.

  • icon-expert seriesDriving Demand with Author Carlos Hidalgo

    Carlos Hidalgo discusses the just-published “Driving Demand, Transforming B2B Marketing to Meet the Needs of the Modern Buyer” and how technology is leading companies to be more customer focused than ever.

  • icon-expert seriesExceptional Live Events with Jeff Elias and Beryl Israel

    Live events, whether online or in-person, are excellent ways to build your brand and drive leads.

    Beryl Israel, 3marketeers Advertising, and Jeff Elias, Toltec Global Services, discuss valuable tips for creating smooth and engaging webinars and in-person events.